In today’s world, sustainability has never been more important. The world is seeing more forest fires, more drought, more smog in the big cities and more air pollution than ever before. It seems like everywhere we turn we see the word “sustainability”.

But what does it mean? Sustainability has many definitions, but a common theme in all of them is how we can produce everything we need while keeping the ecology in balance and thriving. It seems important then that a company has a promise to sustainability in both the social and the environmental operations of the business.

Colyer London has a promise to sustainability. They have replaced their diesel-fuelled delivery vans into a fleet of electric, zero-emission delivery vans, reducing the carbon emissions. They recycle toner cartridges and ink cartridges, as well as plastic and paper. Just recently Colyer sent out boxes for battery recycling to their customers, making it even easier for customers to help the environment.

Using recycled material is something that has been in the wind for quite some time now, and Colyer is using recycled material wherever they can, including their paper. However, if the paper is not from a recycled source, it is important to know how the paper is sourced. A large part of the paper stock we carry are Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC). FSC is a non-profit organisation that makes sure the trees are ethically and sustainably sourced. There are a number of forest certification schemes around, but none compare to the strict environmental, social and economic standards as the FSC. They know everything about their products, tracking it from timer to the final user. By choosing FSC certified products then, the customer can be certain they are getting paper that is environmentally conscious.

Now that covers the part of obtaining paper products that are doing their part to not abuse the planet, and that’s pretty much all you can do to make sure you do your part for the environment, right? That’s where you’re wrong!

Colyer has now started working with a really existing company called PrintReleaf. Developed by a Denver based company five years ago, PrintReleaf is a software that integrates with your company’s existing software to measure your paper consumption in real. PrintReleaf has calculated that one tree, which they measure to be about 40 feet high, equates to the oddly specific number of, 8,333 pages printed. They then work with different reforestation projects throughout the world that makes sure your tree is replanted. The customer can choose between 8 locations throughout the world; Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Ireland, Dominican Republic, India, Mexico and the United States.

This software comes with a certificate for the customers that chose to incorporate this that includes a count for the number of pages printed and how many trees they have planted in a given year. You might be thinking “now this all sounds great, but this kind of software cannot be cheap!” That is the beauty of this software. Colyer is so invested in sustainability and preserving the earth, PrintReleaf is totally free of charge for the customer. We will guide customers through a simple and easy setup to make sure each company can reduce their forest footprint. We reach out to our current customers to get them set up with PrintReleaf, and we inform new customers about it as well. To this date, we have only gotten positive responses from customers because it is yet another way to prove your promise to sustainability.

This way, by making sure you are choosing FSC certified products as well as PrintReleaf, you make sure your paper products are sustainably sourced from the moment the tree is chopped down, to the way it is processed into paper, printed, recycled and ultimately replanted by a PrintReleaf reforestation program. From tree to tree.

If more companies invest in this, the world will become a better place to breathe in. That is Colyer London’s promise to the world.

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Anders, Business Development Executive

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Anders studied Sociology & Religious Studies and worked as a prison guard in his home country, Norway. He guides customers through smart technology solutions and sustainability. Having experienced first-hand of technical knowledge that lies within the company, Anders aims to help improve workspace productivity and efficiency for businesses in London.